Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Making a connection without all those wires!
Wireless networking is everywhere. You see it at workplaces, eateries, public gathering places. But it’s not always reliable and when it’s down, it’s frustrating to you and your customers. Businesses today require more than just store bought wireless transmitters. ISD’s WIFI units are ENTERPRISE class devices at a reasonable cost. Manage them yourself or let us manage them, ISD WIFI services provide up to 4 separate network channels, expandability and capability to mesh across your entire workplace WITHOUT dropouts.

1. Simple to install

We configure the units prior to shipping them out. Just plug in and go! Or we can install them for you!

2. Manageable

Administer them yourself or let us do it for you! You don’t HAVE to know WIFI to get the benefits of our system. Our portal provides information on use, types of sites visited, busiest times of use, etc.

3. Reliable

We use a mesh system (similar to how cell towers handle phone calls from traveling cell phones) that lets users move about without fear of being disconnected from the wireless network. And because they’re enterprise class units they WORK!

4. Expandable

Need more signal? Expanding your office space? No problem! Just add additional units and they immediately become part of your existing ISD WIFI network!