ISD is a local IT company with a wide reaching network of partners, resources and experience. We are a full-service firm providing routine maintenance, management and support for all your technology needs. See how our vast array of services can provide you the leverage you need to make technology benefit your business. Be more effective, efficient, and profitable while minimizing downtime and expenses.
We Guarantee IT!

24×7 Monitoring and Support – Total-Care

We use state of the art monitoring software on your servers that keeps a check on all critical systems. Should anything require attention, our team of server and network engineers will review the issue and repair it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Backup and Disaster Recovery – C-LinQ

ISD’s Data-Vault system is a fully integrated, multi-stage backup system that not only backups up files, but your entire server! Nothing is missed. Backups occur every hour. Your data is encrypted BEFORE it leaves the server to our onsite vault hardware. Once an evening these backups are sent offsite to TWO data centers on either coast of the USA, ensuring business continuity, should a disaster occur.


Reap the benefits of Cloud & Virtualization


Innovative Systems Direct is a cloud services provider that caters to the complex IT infrastructure demands of today’s business by offering tailored cloud solutions coupled with managed services. We offer a hosted Public Cloud IT infrastructure that provides you with Hosted Servers, Desktop-as-a-Service, Office-in-the-Cloud and Database-as-a-Service, all customized to suite your company’s needs at an affordable monthly fee.

Run All Kinds of Workloads
Our Cloud services are built on an industry standard hyper-visor that supports guest operating systems such as Windows and Linux. This enables us to support a wide variety of use cases; hosted virtual desktops, production servers, development/testing, etc.

We provide businesses with an enterprise class, hosted server environment that is both scalable and secure. Built on an industry standard hypervisor, our solutions have the capacity to support multiple guest operating systems and power a wide variety of workloads at an affordable cost.

We use an enterprise grade desktop virtualization technology to provide a high quality desktop experience
available anytime, anywhere and using any device. We ensure that your business data remains private and
secure for a fixed and all-inclusive monthly fee.

Stop looking for an IT infrastructure to power your remote offices. Our Office-in-the-Cloud delivers all virtual resources like virtual desktops, virtual servers, access gateways and firewall. All pre-configured and deployed with just a few clicks.

Our Database-as-a-Service offers accelerated deployment, elastic capacity and greater efficiency when working with database. Our DBaaS leverages the enterprise features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and joins
flexibility with power.

Security is our top priority. All your replicated data is stored on our expandable shared storage pool using
industry standard 256-bit AES encryption. You own the encryption key.

Desktop Optimization

In addition to harm prevention and hardware monitoring, ISD’s Total-CARE plan includes system optimization tools that keep your hardware running efficiently. On a nightly basis we run hard drive optimization services that keep your desktop systems fast.

Hardware Consulting and Acquisition

There’s no need for you to get confused with all the computer jargon…that’s our world! And we’re here for YOU.

Whether you’re just getting started or you need to grow your existing business, ISD can help with your IT planning needs. Not only can we assist with designing your network, but we can help acquire the hardware and software you need to make your business run smoothly. We can even purchase all of the components needed. From servers, PC’s, tablets, network switches and firewalls, ISD has all connections and experience, so you can rest assured your systems will be ready for work, when you are!

Supplemental IT Staff Support

Does your existing IT team need assistance with special projects? ISD can help! We have specialists with project management, computer installation and configuration and server monitoring and maintenance. Avoid the long term expense of adding employees by leveraging our experience and manpower.

Contact us to learn more about any of the above solutions for your business.