Backup / Disaster Recovery

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Every company has data. It’s what drives success. Protecting that data is crucial to profitability and, well, longevity. There are MANY threats that accompany an internet connected world and keeping your information YOURS is paramount. ISD’s DataVault Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) system is designed to do just that!

1. Business Continuity

Beyond file copies, our BDR system creates and entire “image” of your server. Not just the data (like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, photos, PDF files, etc.) but the entire system (operating system, folder structures, shared folders, user accounts and other critical files needed to make the server work). Should hardware fail, we can get the ENTIRE system back!

2. File protection

Ransomware is the largest threat to business data (and the bottom line) today! An innocent email link can result in hundreds or even thousands of critical business files getting encrypted and unusable unless your business pays a “ransom” to get the decryption key back from some unknown entity. Our BDR system can restore all files backed up to their original location quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime!

3. Complete monitoring

The ISD DataVault BDR is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our Network Operations Center (NOC). If a backup fails, we are alerted, an engineer will remote in and look at the error and re-run the backup. We even notify you if there is a failure on the server that needs to be addressed.

4. Peace of mind

OUR DataVault backups typically occur every hour, without intervention. These “incremental” backups are usually small and have VERY little impact on your server’s performance. Once a day, the backups are automatically sent to our off-site data centers for safe, secure storage.

5. Predictable

For one flat monthly fee your server is covered with this amazing, automated, monitored backup and disaster recovery system.