ISD Data-Vault – Backups and Disaster Recovery System

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) system combines local backups with offsite storage in DUAL datacenters in opposite sides of the country to provide your business with the best possible backup and disaster recovery solution available.

We employ a software solution for your business servers that backups you your entire system, not just data files. By using this method, we are able to quickly recover a dead server so your business suffers the most minimal downtime possible. Even with a dead server we can bring your network back online is as little as 20 minutes!

CryptoLocker infection? No problem with ISD Data-Vault protecting your network. We can remotely restore one or thousands of files in minutes. Backups are performed every 60 minutes ensuring that your data is safe.

Fire and flood protection! Your daily backups (performed every hour) are sent offsite to our remote datacenters, encrypted, to secure your valuable information and the ability to recover your ENTIRE SYSTEM should your office be destroyed. We can even bring your servers online IN THE CLOUD!

Broadcast-IT – Commercial grade wireless for your business AND customers

ISD’s wireless network products provide private and public connections for a small office, restaurant, club or a large warehouse. Our high output transmitters can handle hundreds of connections and the mesh capability means as you move from one area to another, you never lose your network connection! We can even transmit across open spaces to neighboring buildings! We use access points that employ the latest in 802.3 Wi-Fi specifications and powerful encryption services so your business networks stay private from your guest networks. Wireless transmitter hardware is monitored from our portal for performance and reliability. We can even upgrade the software over the air so your systems are always on the latest, most reliable firmware available.

Patch Management

As part of our Total-CARE plan, ISD performs a series of tests on various Microsoft updates to make sure they don’t break what is already working (this is called White-Listing). Your systems
are kept up to date with all patches and service packs AUTOMATICALLY.


Our Total-CARE plan includes Webroot enterprise level antivirus and antimalware scanning technology. The Webroot product provides REAL TIME protection against virus and malware infections on the web, through email and even external storage (e.g. thumb drives). This keeps your computers and server data free from infection!