Commercial Grade Wifi

WiFi is NOT all the same

Nothing is more annoying than arriving at a business that advertises WiFi for its guests only to find you cannot connect, even when you have a strong signal! Or even worse, you connect but your internet connection keeps failing.

There can be many reasons why you’re experiencing poor connection reliability, but the root of the problem usually boils down to two things: poor selection of WiFi access points and poor network design.

Business WiFi is more critical than home WiFi but many companies do not treat is as such and end up with access points and designs that are not adequate to meet the needs of an office environment.

WiFi that just works

At ISD, we understand WiFi and its importance to your day-to-day business. Whether it’s for guest access to the internet or for your business network, ISD has solutions designed for commercial use.

We understand the technology needed to make your office, restaurant, hotel or manufacturing floor wireless. With multiple frequencies, auto sensing access points (AP’s), ISD’s Broadcast-IT WiFi will keep your business and guests well connected!

Features include:

  • Powerful and secure signal eliminates dead zones and protects your WiFi connection from “snoopers”.
  • Mesh design means virtually unlimited space capabilities with multiple AP’s.
  • Automatic Band Selection means your WiFi devices will get the best signal they need for top performance.
  • Multiple ID’s! Our AP’s support up to four distinct (public and/or private) wireless networks.
  • Completely managed. Automatically updated to insure you have the latest capabilities and security.